Adhesives, Caulks & Sealants

Thiele provides many kaolin products that can provide the attributes required for your adhesive or sealant product. Below are a few Thiele Kaolin products typically formulated into adhesives and sealants. 

KAOPRIMETM 22 offers good optical properties and helps maintain flow, leveling, and film strength, while also providing exceptional wet strength to adhesive formulations.

EG-44 is a cost-effective, low brightness, moderately fine particle size filler clay. EG-44 can help improve viscosity, opacity, whiteness and barrier properties and will help reduce slump. This product is best suited for water-based systems.

KAOPLATETM 13 is a cost-effective, delaminated clay that provides excellent TiO2 extension, opacity, and barrier properties.  It is highly platy with a high aspect ratio, giving the adhesive film improved strength compared to other, blocky fillers.