Thiele Kaolin Company Announces Global Price Increase for Kaolin Products

Sandersville, GA, May 6, 2022:  As you may know, the current global economic climate has resulted in increased costs to manufacturing operations around the world.  For Thiele, these cost increases have impacted energy, chemicals, labor, mining, maintenance and other inputs needed for Thiele to produce the quality products we supply you.  In fact, these cost increases have reached a point such that they can no longer be absorbed by Thiele.  As a result, we will institute a price increase of 9% for all product categories effective July 1, 2022 or as allowed by existing contracts and agreements.  This increase is in addition to any previously announced surcharges. Additional increases to cover escalating logistics costs may also be necessary and will be implemented on a case by case basis.

Thank you for your business.