Rubber is a broad classification of the many elastomeric materials used in thousands of applications. These applications range from tires, belts, and hoses, to erasures on the end of pencils. Almost every pound of rubber produced today is enhanced by fillers. Kaolin clay in particular works as a vital and important functional filler and pigment. To better explore how kaolin can be used in your application, please contact us.

Product Information

Thiele Kaolin provides many kaolin products that can provide the attributes required for your rubber product. Below are a few Thiele Kaolin products typically applicable to rubber. Click on the name of a product to see more specific information (requires a pdf reader).

  • SK-T 49: This product is a moderately reinforcing clay, with an average particle size of about 1 micron. This particle size gives the SK-T 49 the ability to improve the physical properties of the final rubber products, namely improving tensile, stiffness and abrasion resistance. A portion of the carbon black and silica could be replaced without sacrificing rubber properties by using this cost effective filler.
  • SK-T 15: This product is a reinforcing hard clay with an average particle size of <0.5 microns. This clay improves the mechanical properties of most rubber formulations. The cost performance advantages of fine kaolin clays compared to GCC make it an ideal functional filler.
  • SK-T 27: This product is a soft kaolin clay, with an average particle size of >2 microns. SK-T 27 aids in increasing the processing speed of rubber, particularly in extrusion applications. It also provides a good surface appearance, and is conducive for higher loadings.