Specialty Clays 

Welcome to our Specialty Clays Product Information Section. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email Thiele Kaolin's North American Sales Manager, Scott Ahrens.

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Product Information (click on the Product Name for detailed specifications.)

B-80 (Adhesives): This product is a fine particle size, pulverized East Georgia filler clay that is used primarily in the adhesives market.

Kaojet: This product is an engineered pigment offering excellent performance in ink jet applications that provides significant cost advantage over silica pigments, high pigment solids, high color density, excellent image quality/clarity, rapid ink drying, low binder demand and may be used as a silica extender or replacement.

Kaorock Metakaolin (Concrete additive): This engineered metakaolin provides significant increases in flexural and compressive strength, reduces or eliminates ASR, enhances concrete durability, reduces permeability and improves handling and color matching. For more information on Kaorock, visit our Concrete section.