KAOROCK™ Applications


Architectural and Precast Concrete

Since KAOROCK™ is white, it will not darken the appearance of concrete. In fact, it improves the consistency of color in your concrete because the color of KAOROCK™ will always be the same. When appearance is important as with certain precast concrete structures, KAOROCK™ is the perfect choice.

Please note the following possible applications with KAOROCK™. This is not a complete list, as we frequently run into new applications with architectural concrete.


KAOROCK™ can add strength and durability while at the same time helping to achieve an excellent visual appearance.
See our Split-Face Case Study for further information.

KAOROCK™ is a great additive for countertops because of its consistent color and durability enhancing properties. Furthermore, it helps the concrete finish better than other pozzolanic materials.


KAOROCK™ can add strength and durability while at the same time helping to achieve an excellent visual appearance. Plus the color consistency of KAOROCK™ is an added bonus in a precast manufacturing environment.


A polymer modified cement is sometimes used to make fireplace molds. KAOROCK™ metakaolin can help eliminate cracking, and also make the concrete stronger finishing much better. It is an excellent additive to consider in this decorative application.


High Performance Concrete

KAOROCK™ has been found to meet or exceed the benefits of silica fume. It significantly increases both flexural and compressive strength, while at the same time improves the durability of the finished structure.

ASTM has defined high performance concrete as meeting on the following criteria for strength development:

4-hr strength > 3,000 psi
24-hr strength > 5,000 psi
28-day strength > 10,000 psi or
Water to cementitious materials ratio < 0.35

HPC Applications that could use KAOROCK™ Metakaolin
Marine environments—bridges, dams and piers
Public roads—fast track paving
Concrete structures—parking areas, garages, buildings
Precast concrete applications—pipes, prestressed

Swimming Pools
KAOROCK™ assists in producing formulations that are very easy to handle during application and during finishing. In addition, the particle structure of KAOROCK™ reduces permeability and eliminates efflorescence making it more durable in the chemical environment of pools. In addition, KAOROCK™ can help your pool plaster resist chemical attack and etching, staining, discoloration and delamination.

Being white in color with long-lasting durability, KAOROCK™ is an excellent plaster additive in improving the final appearance of swimming pools. Metakaolin can be used on the job site by the pool contractor, or in many cases, it is pre-blended with cement that is ready to use.
KAOROCK™ in use at Thiele Kaolin Company
KAOROCK™ can be used in many different applications. It can be used to replace a portion of Portland cement in concrete formulations or as an additive.
KAOROCK™ has been used on several projects at Thiele Kaolin Company.  Click on the links below to view detailed project information.

Filter building expansion (concrete deck in a corrosive environment).

Concrete ditch repair in a corrosive environment.

Repairs using shotcrete.

KAOROCK™ samples are available for trial. We encourage you to try Kaorock so you can see the benefits for yourselves. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a sample.