Published Articles

Please click on the links below for detailed information on published articles relating to Thiele Kaolin and the industries we serve.


  • 2015 TAPPI Coating Conference
    Efficient Optimization of Formulations in Recycled Board Coatings Using Kubelka-Munk Theory and Statistical Mixture Design
    Authors: Siva Devisetti, Harry D. Cook, Tim J. Werkin


  • 2013 TAPPI Coating Conference
    Statistical Mixture Design Study of the Effects of Pigment Particle Shape on the Performance of Coating in Woodfree Offset Applications
    Authors: Siva Devisetti, Harry D. Cook, Prakash B. Malla


    • 2006 TAPPI Coating Conference
      The Effect of Pigment Particle Size, Chemically Structured Kaolin, and Coating Pore Structure on Rotogravure Print Quality
      Authors: Siva Devisetti, Harry D. Cook, Prakash B. Malla

    • Paper Age, May / June 2005
      New Driving Forces Shape Today's Coated P&W Papers and Packaging Board Markets
      Author: Ken Patrick, Editor, Paper Age

    • 2005 PITA Conference
      Novel Kaolin Pigment for High Solids Ink Jet Coating
      Authors: Prakash B. Malla and Siva Devisetti

    • Paper Age, October 2004
      Tailored Pigments, Product Innovation Keys to Thiele’s Growth
      Author: Ken Patrick, Editorial Editor for Paper Age

    • 2000 TAPPI Coating Conference
      The Effects of Pigment and Pore Structure on Optical Properties and Rotogravure Printability
      of LWC Paper—A Statistically Designed CLC Coating Study with Mixtures
      Authors: Prakash B. Malla, PhD*, Robert E. Starr, Timothy J. Werkin, Siva Devisetti

  • 1999 TAPPI Coating Conference
    The Effects of Kaolin Particle Size, Structured Clay Loading, and Binder Level on Glossing
    and Offset Print Properties—A CLC Coating Study
    Authors: Prakash B. Malla, PhD, Robert E. Starr,Timothy J. Werkin