Innovation at Thiele

For the past 60 years, Thiele has focused on what we know best: kaolin for paper.  As the worldwide paper industry changes, we realize the need to think outside the box for innovative answers to both paper and non-paper challenges. 

I3, the Innovation Ideation Initiative - To help meet these challenges, Thiele launched I3, the Innovation Ideation Initiative, a web-based, collaborative, idea generation program, in April 2007.  I3 is a program created by Thiele that fosters process, product, market and management innovation through an online forum that brings together Thiele’s expertise in kaolin and mineral solutions with collaborators from around the world to find solutions to the challenges facing a wide range of industries.


EI3 ,Employee Innovation Ideation Initiative - In addition to working with external experts in a wide range of disciplines through the I3 program, Thiele is also harnessing the knowledge and experience of its innovative workforce through the second phase of I3 - the Employee Innovation Ideation Initiative, or EI3 Launched in January 2008, EI3 allows all Thiele employees at every level to contribute suggestions on any area of the company.  To date participants have offered suggestions on improving safety, process efficiency, energy savings, new product ideas and a host of other topics.

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