A Letter from the President

"We can build upon foundations anywhere if they are well and firmly laid." - Ivy Compton-Burnett.

The foundations of Thiele Kaolin Company have been well and firmly laid.   They have enabled  Thiele to remain a focused and consistent leader in delivering a wide range of high quality products that have provided superior performance for our customers for over 64 years.  Furthermore, these foundations are the basis for our future growth and development.

Thiele Kaolin Company’s foundations include a truly dedicated, skilled and over achieving workforce, state of the art processing and product customization technologies, world class research capabilities, exceptional customer service and strong, long standing customer relationships, all anchored by a tradition of excellence spanning generations.  We are not satisfied with just good enough, but aspire to a standard of excellence in all aspects of our business.

In order to keep moving forward, Thiele Kaolin will focus on improving our presence in emerging markets where growth potential is highest.  We will continue to invest in new process and new product development and to support those efforts with appropriate investment.  We will expand our product portfolio as we explore new markets for kaolin and other minerals.  And we will constantly re-evaluate the costs associated with doing business in the competitive international markets we serve.

As we weather the change and uncertainty of today’s global marketplace, our strong foundations will allow us to adapt to diverse needs and challenges while maintaining Thiele Kaolin’s position as a vibrant, operationally flexible and focused mining and mineral processing company.

We would appreciate the opportunity to share more information with you about our products and services and look forward to future opportunities to serve your needs.



Paul Kirschling

     Paul Kirschling