A Letter from the President

"We are passionate about our customers and kaolin."

J. Eric Tillirson

Thank you for your interest in Thiele Kaolin Company.

For nearly seventy years, the employees of Thiele have been passionate about developing and producing quality products that generate value for our customers. 

The Thiele team thrives on providing solutions to our customers' problems by developing tailored products that meet specific customer needs.

Leveraging our unrivaled North American kaolin reserves and industry leading research and development capabilities, we begin the tailored kaolin cycle in response to marketplace needs identified by our global sales and technical service teams. Thiele’s pilot plant produces a prototype, our applications laboratories confirm success and finally, our operations teams employ Thiele’s modern production tools to create  solutions sought by the customer.

This process works well due to the dedication and hard work of the global Thiele team which pursues excellence in all aspects of our business – safety, quality, efficiency, environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction.

I invite you to challenge Thiele to assist you in meeting your specific need.


Eric Tillirson