Company Overview

Our Business - A privately held company founded in 1946, Thiele Kaolin Company is one of the world's leading sources for processed kaolin clay.

Thiele mines, processes, blends and delivers the full spectrum of kaolin coating and filler pigments, each tailored to meet your needs from processing facilities in Sandersville, Ga.,   and Wrens, Ga., and slurry facilities in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., and Gavle, Sweden.

Thiele activities are ISO-9001 certified, and an emphasis on quality has been a company tradition since its establishment more than 60 years ago. Click here to see our ISO  certificate and click here for our Quality Policy.

Our Resources & Reserves - Thiele maintains the largest proven kaolin reserves in North America. We work diligently to improve the processing of our clays to ensure that we use these vast reserves to their fullest potential for the benefit of our customers, the environment and associated communities.

Kaolin varies widely in quality from deposit to deposit and even within the same deposit. With this in mind, Thiele mines only the kaolin desired using our exploration expertise and blends crudes from different deposits to achieve uniform quality and to ensure the longevity of our reserves. This procedure assures Thiele’s customers of a constant supply of kaolin made to consistent quality specifications.

The business of mining kaolin also comes with a great responsibility to protect and restore the land that takes up to 70 million years to produce the clay.

Thiele has been the industry leader in land reclamation for years. As the first chairman of the Georgia Surface Mined Land Use Board, Thiele’s founder Paul F. Thiele helped develop one of the most comprehensive state mining reclamation acts in the nation. This act requires an acre of land to be reclaimed for every acre mined. Our reclaimed mines have been used for farmland, tree farms and recreational areas. At Thiele, we don’t just mine clay; we manage the land.

Our People - Most importantly, Thiele focuses on the enduring human values that give worth to all our endeavors - the values of promises given and kept, of integrity, honesty and reliability; of hard work combined with experience; and of understanding gained over time. It is all of these values that are key to the uniqueness, peace-of-mind and the value-added advantage of Thiele Kaolin Company. 





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Mr. Paul F. Thiele, Founder